Motivational Psychology & Neuroscience

Beorn Nijenhuis researches and lectures on the connection between sports and neuroscience, bringing to the table both practical and theoretical expertise in human motivation, striving and success.

An unique high performance consultant

Some experts speak about their own experiences; for example a top athlete or mountaineer. Others are educated in the field and achieve their knowledge with certificates and a degree.

Beorn’s goal is to be both. Having the possibility to combine his personal experience and research, Beorn creates coaching that is more than the sum of it’s parts.

His experience from his personal high-peformance life as topsporter and his academic knowledge results in Beorn being unique within the field of High Peformance Consultancy. 

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A 5 (five) star presentation. Beorn prepares himself well and knows how to connect with his audience. By combining his own personal experience with his passion for science he really inspired and moved the audience. We will surely ask him again!’

Heleen Loof Radboud Honours Academy, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

Beorn was very enthousiastic and succesfully shared his enthousiasm with his audience.

Geertje VernooijABN AMRO

Beorn and I have started a conversation that is making me a better musician.

James Oesi Internationally acclaimed classical bass player