High Peformance Consultant

The world of high-performance consultancy is a jungle with many creatures flaunting their feathers. The diversity makes it difficult to know who has valuable expertise, and who is merely pretty plumage with no substance. Some experts speak from their personal journeys of achievement climbing mountains or winning gold medals. Others have diplomas and certificates proving their knowledge through academics, or books they’ve written.

Most high-performance consultants fall into these two categories; they are either ‘doers’ or ‘thinkers’. They are either a Superman or a Clark Kent, but they are rarely both.

As a former professional speedskater, and now neuroscientist, my goal is to be both. For me, combining my former high-performance life with academics creates coaching that is more than the sum of it’s parts.

As an emissary from both science and sports I’ve witnessed vast misunderstandings between the two fields, and vast potential for improvement. For example, while working with musicians from the Conservatory of Amsterdam (CvA) and the Royal Concert-hall Orchestra (RCO) we concluded they should try to practice and structure their lives more like athletes, but agreed they needed the research expertise to apply sports strategies to music practice.

My experience as an athlete set me on this journey, my knowledge as a scientist allowed me to pursue it further. Without my history as a doer and my future as a thinker, I wouldn’t be able to help in the way I do. By combining the living narrative of my former high-performance life, with the complex and revolutionary power of science I aim to change lives in a new way.